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The topic of the treatment of low back pain has been a hot topic recently and we thought we would share some highlights from an insightful podcast we’ve been listening to called The Evidence Based Chiropractor with Jeff Langmaid. The podcast goes on to discuss a a paper that was published in The Pain Journal this month titled “What is Usual Care for Back Pain”. The paper analyzed the patient experience for those who sought care from their primary care physician or from an urgent care for spine pain. Of these patients:

* 30% were prescribed opioids, which is completely advised against for any spine related pain aside from post surgical
* 25% were sent for x-rays, or MRI, which is completely advised against without suspicion of fracture, bone infection, or cancer
* 20% of individuals received tips for self-care or recommendations for physiotherapy or chiropractic care
* 1 in 5 patients that walk into a primary care office or urgent care facility are not getting evidence based care

“The American College of Physician Guidelines point to the use of chiropractic care and physiotherapy as a first priority when it comes to any spine related pain.” Most patients who sought primary care for their spine related pain DID NOT get evidence based care. This means that a majority of patients who report spine related pain are not getting the proper care they need in order to first get them out of pain, and second fix the source of their pain.

If you, or someone you know, have not been receiving proper care for spine related pain feel free to share this newsletter. Our office takes great pride on being on the cutting edge of evidence based care and up to date information to help our patients and our community get the care that they need.

You do not have to be a victim of spine pain.
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