Hey Everyone!

Ever been sitting in your car, at a desk, or even on your couch for a while and when you finally stand up straight you find yourself having some pain in your upper back? Unless we are consistently mindful of our body’s position while sitting, or even standing for that matter, we all become victim to rounded shoulder and forced into a hunched forward position. This forwardly rounded position of our shoulders comes from overly tight pectoralis and lattisimus muscles and the muscles in our back and around our shoulder blades not activating enough. Try these two quick stretches for your pectoralis and lattisimus muscles to help relax and lengthen these muscle groups and hopefully help to straighten out that spine. Always try your best to keep an upright, good posture position throughout the day to avoid a tight and painful upper back.

Check back soon for more Quick Tips to keeping your body happy and healthy!

Dr. D and Olivia

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