Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are now doing Telehealth! I know these are very uncertain times and especially with California’s “Shelter in Place” we understand the risk you take every time you step outside of your front door. However, you no longer have to debate on whether you should come to your appointment or not as we can now come to you… virtually that is! Although we cannot physically work on your ailments, through telehealth we can give you advice on things you can do at home as well as walk you through corrective exercises and rehab protocol.

To make things even easier our telehealth system is straight through Jane, which is our online scheduler. To schedule an appointment go to our online scheduler and there is now a new appointment option called “Online Video Consultation”, click on that option, click your desired day and time, and then “Book Appointment” and you are ready to go. IMPORTANT: you will need to have a valid email address on file and if you do not already receive appointment reminders via email, you will need to set that up or make sure the email reminder option is checked in your settings. To be able to access the video consultation you will need to go through a link that will be in your booking confirmation and/or appointment reminder email. We will also re-send the email with the video link 5-10 minutes prior to your telehealth appointment. As always, you can also give the office a call to set up your telehealth appointment, and if you have any questions regarding our new telehealth option do not hesitate to
reach out to us.

And have no fear, OUR OFFICE IS STILL OPEN, so you can also come in to see us during these times. As previously mentioned in our last newsletter, we are taking extra precaution with keep the office sanitary and keeping patients spaced out to minimize patient crossover in the office.

SIDE NOTE: If you are having difficulty finding the motivation to get moving during this stressful time, or are feeling a bit stiff and tight due to excess sitting while working from home here are two videos for mobility and foam rolling from Dr. Dino and Dr. Hayden. Make sure to click on the photos to be taken to the video!

We hope to see you either in the office or via telehealth very soon!

Olivia and Dr. Dino

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