Hey Everyone and Happy Monday!

We apologize with the delay of our advanced SI Joint pain exercises. Things have been crazy in the office, but as promised here are three exercise for when you have moved into more of a chronic phase of SI Joint pain. Chronic just means that you have been experiencing your pain or discomfort for more than a few weeks. Usually, in this phase, your greatest complaint is dysfunction of the joint versus pain in the joint.

The purpose of these exercises are to help strength the core, and more specifically the glutes. When your glutes are being strengthen they help to keep the SI Joint in a more secure position thus stabilizing the joint a little bit better. Greater stabilization will lead to less shifting in the joint which hopefully will mean less pain and dysfunction. Give these exercises a try and see if they make any difference in your SI Joint pain. They are also great to throw into your workout warm-up routine for overall core strength. Remember, a strong core is a happy core!

Check back soon for more Quick Tips to keeping your body happy and healthy!

Dr. D and Olivia

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